The Need

We solve a very niche need. The need to take your solution to the future of human computer interface right now.

Chatbot Framework

Karmaloop Bot Framework is not your standard chatbot framework. It takes a very unique approach at building conversations.

Natural Language Interface

You don't have to worry about a hands-free speech interface to be added onto your conversational agent. We got that covered - use our SDK and tell it which speech API to use between that of Google and AWS

Deploy Anywhere

With our APIs and SDKs, you should be able to integrate with most application types. If you need it on-premise, we may be able to make that happen as well!

Open Source

Most components of Karmaloop AI will be published in the open source community. Check out our Github page at

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Stay Updated About Our Work

The “makes sense” release!

Release v0.1.2 Get Release v0.1.2 Today we bring in some really exciting updates to Karmaloop AI Open Source Chat Bot Framework by super charging the Karmaloop AIML Bot Server! I am calling this the “makes sense” release. Read more…

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