If you want to add your own skills to the bot, you will need to code in C# (more language options coming soon) and it certainly will be handy if you know how to build from source. You can build and debug as well using Visual Studio Community edition on Windows, MonoDevelop on Linux and Visual Studio for Mac on macOS.

Building from source on Windows

To make this easy, there is a build.bat batch script that you can run. This will create a binaries directory with everything placed in appropriately.

C:\Users\Abi\Dev\karmaloop-aiml-bot-server\> build.bat

Building from source on Linux / macOS

There is a build.sh script to help prepare the build for you on Linux and macOS. You may need to set the build engine correctly (edit the script to set the build engine – xbuild or msbuild). Also don’t forget to give your build.sh file execute permissions.

# ./build.sh