It is super easy to start with Karmaloop AI Open Source Chat Bot Framework. All you need to do is download the binaries, make sure you have the .NET Framework or Mono installed, and using it to fire up the KarmaloopAIMLBotServer.exe binary. Platform specific instructions are discussed below.

You can develop or deploy the bot server on any platform using the .NET Framework or Mono Framework. We would prefer using Mono Framework equivalent to .NET Framework 4.5 for running this bot server.

Download binaries for the latest release

Once you have the server up and running, navigate to


This is what it looks like to have Karmaloop AIML Bot Server running on your machine

Use the Docs links on the left to explore more documents about how to setup and use Karmaloop AIML Bot Server for your products or services.

We truly hope you like what we have so far. This is just the beginning – our next generation Bot engine is set to blow your mind away (trust me when I say that). So, let us know what you think of what we have so far!