It is super easy to start using Karmaloop AI’s AIML Bot Server to build chatbots super fast without a single line of code. If you know how to edit XML files in a simple text editor, you should be good to go. Search for “AIML tutorials” and they should be aplenty.

This page for some reason is different than the Getting Started┬ápage which basically focuses purely on Karmaloop AIML Bot Server. However this page is set to grow differently covering other (yet to be released) modules of Karmaloop AI. But till then, let’s get our hands dirty right away.

  1. Download the Binaries
  2. Run KarmaloopAIMLBotServer.exe
  3. Open your browser and point it to http://localhost:8880/api/ChatUi/index.html
  4. Now go into the aiml folder and start experimenting with the aiml files – add your own conversation handlers

If the above steps don’t make sense – head right over to our Docs section where everything has been explained in detail.